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Osteoporosis safe exercise

Buff Bones® – Exercise system for bone and joint health

Buff Bones® is a medically-endorsed system of movement for bone and joint health.

Our bone-strengthening and balance-enhancing workouts can benefit anyone looking to tone up, enhance posture, improve balance, and gain overall strength — and they’re also safe for people with osteoporosis and arthritis.

How does this work?

Our systematic approach uses techniques to strengthen bone tissue and improve balance while removing soft tissue restrictions. It draws upon Pilates, strength training, somatics, functional movement, and therapeutic exercise. We use research findings on bone and fascia, along with teachings of motor control, biotensegrity and movement quality.

But don’t you need to lift weights to improve your bones?

Weight training is definitely an important element and lifting higher loads is essential to maintaining bone density as we age. But the density of a bone is just one factor in what makes or breaks it – literally! Bones need to not only be dense but also resilient, to handle all sorts of forces.

So you want to consider more than just large muscle movement like weight training; you need to fine tune muscle development and activity with the appropriate sequencing at which your muscles contract, as informed and refined by your nervous system. We like to say that you should develop not only strong muscles but SMART muscles.

And to develop a resilient body that can sustain the unexpected challenges of daily life, you have to address balance and the ability to avoid and prevent falls when moving or slipping. You also need to maintain mobility and maximize your ability to reach, bend, and turn to stay healthy and mobile. Posture also plays an important role in the loading potential of your bones and preventing falls throughout life.

All this leads us to our mission of molding resilient, functional bodies and empowering individuals to have a new sense of awareness and embodiment.

It’s why Buff Bones® is the centerpiece of your bone health formula, which should include other exercise forms like weight training as well movement practices and activities that you enjoy, alongside a bone-healthy diet and lifestyle.