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Welcome to Pilates People Cork

About Me

Jaconel Janssen is passionate about movement. She has been practising Pilates since 2000, qualified as a Pilates teacher in London in 2005 and came to Cork in 2007 where she set up Pilates People Cork.

Our Classes

Mat Classes

Mat classes with Pilates People Cork are smart and mindful Pilates-based classes. They are designed to help build a strong and resilient body, using Pilates, strength training, functional movement and therapeutic exercise.

Chair Classes

A chair-based class with Pilates People Cork is a gentle way to develop strength and flexibility and improve posture. We do many different exercises to improve flexibility and joint mobility and to develop strength, all important to help reduce the risk of falling.

Workshops and retreats

Consistency is key to success. Ideally you have a regular movement practice that you enjoy, that you will keep doing, so you will get stronger, more flexible and develop a greater sense of balance.

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